Our Fires

Over the past 10 years, ethanol fireplaces have been embraced worldwide for their versatile and eco-friendly qualities.

The beauty of our open fireplaces can be found in the following benefits:

  • Fuelled by eco-friendly denatured ethanol - a renewable, clean-burning liquid fuel derived from agricultural and forestry products
  • Burn with a beautiful natural flame
  • Radiate enough heat to warm the average living space
  • Over 90% fuel efficiency - no heat lost up the chimney
  • No smoke, no harmful emissions - no need for a chimney, flue or vent
  • No need for a complicated or restrictive utility connection
  • Allow you to enjoy an open fire in any room
  • Standalone models can be moved from room to room - and move home when you do
  • Versatile fireboxes and burners transform existing fireplaces or can be used to create new ones


 Launched in 2004, The Fire Company’s EcoSmart Fire designer fireplaces and burners now grace more than 20,000 residential and commercial environments in 52 countries around the world.

More about EcoSmart Fire www.ecosmartfire.com

 Available at select Harvey Norman stores and via a network of national retailers and distributors, Blu Box Fireplaces are similar in concept to EcoSmart Fire, without the high-end design elements.

More about Blu Box Fireplaces www.bluboxfireplaces.com.au

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